Wednesday, November 3

Monster Lobsters How To Find Them?

"Monster Lobsters are rarely found in pristine diving conditions with good visibility.

So, where do you find these monster creatures?

Always start with the safety first school of thought and plan your dive out ahead of time. Then stick to your plan. Monster lobster have a plan of staying safe and so should you. Check your gear and the local dive shops for diving conditions.

Occasionally, you can dive across a monster lobster in a good visibility situation, but more often you will bag these monsters in very low visibility. Check areas with deep crevices and ledges to hide in. Usually about 10 to 30 feet, but this 10 to 30 feet is in low to no visibility with high surge and currents.

I have found monster lobsters under ledges with sleeping nurse sharks. The biggest one I came across was at 0 to 5 feet vision, with medium surge, in a depth of 25 feet, and an off shore swim of about 175 yards. The tools required are your hands, a bag, a tickler stick, and an extra set of hands.

When you come across a lobster hiding in a hole, if you can't get your hand in there to pull him out, you put the tickle stick under his tail and tickle him out. He will start moving forward and then once you get him, hang on. They tend to get angry and beat you with their tails. Be gentle but firm as to not break off the legs, these are the sweet meat."

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Friday, February 13

Monster Lobsters Valentine or Dragons?

I made another Valentine for my wife (she is special:) and thought I would post it here

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Happy Valentine to all you Monster Lobsters too waiting for me on the bottom of the ocean lol :)

Sunday, January 25

Monster Lobsters in January!!!

With the Lobster season closed right now ... and the water temperature down to around the 60's or so, Monster Lobsters are having a free for all field day down there under the sea :)

The next best thing to catching them yourself is to find a way to get them sent to you :) I might have just done that :)

With the Lobster Monster Corp down in Marathon Florida ...

Here is the link

I thought I would check them out and wanted to share the news with all of America while we are chillin' during the winter season and dreaming of the Monster Lobster soon to be caught :)

Muddog American aka Wallace Haile Monster Lobsters :)

Thursday, November 20

Alexander The Great First Diver?

Alexander The Great the first diver? Probably not, as stated by Egyptian History of the Thebes Temple where there are the first known references to under water activities. Alexander the Great spent the better part of his last six years exploring the under sea world. Did he catch any glimpses of Monster Lobsters while he was there, possibly, but his main interest seemed to be geared toward either Atlantis or to discover exactly what he saw in 329BC. "Shining shield like objects flew in and out of the Jexartes river."

Find more information on Alexander The Great and The History of Diving

Welcome to Water UFO Research Site

The information on Diving, UFO's, Alexander The Great, History and more is incredible and actually ties in together to better your understanding and appreciation of our diving equipment today and adds a bit of explanation and mystery as well.

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Wednesday, October 8

Diving Floridas East Coast First Quarter Moon

Approaching the first quarter moon, second best time for Diving Floridas East Coast (the first being the last quarter moon)! The water will be cool, but just a bit farther south and no worries. Monster Lobsters Await. Don't Get Caught Up!

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Wednesday, September 10

Monster Lobsters Land of the Lost

These videos are such a great place in my memory of when I was young. Giant this and Monster that with the Sleestak, Marshall, Will, and Holly on a routine expedition with the greatest earthquake ever known! There just HAD to be Monster Lobsters in the place (you know it too don't you?)

Land of the Lost "Sleestak God"

Land of the Lost Souls: Saved From The Kingdom Hall

Land of the lost- Chakka pt 1

Land of the lost- Chakka pt 2

Land of the lost- Cha-ka pt 3

Land of the Lost with Monster Lobsters? ..... The world may never know ...

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